2Line Hockey Showdown - Charlottetown

2022 2Line Hockey Showdown Information


Andrews Hockey Growth Programs is thrilled to host the 8th Annual 2Line Hockey Showdown! 2Line Hockey was established in 2014 with the understanding that more ice time = more development and more fun for those involved. The 2022 2Line Hockey Showdown is a great way to Get in the Game before the winter hockey season kicks into full gear! The unique and exciting feature of this tournament is that players have the ability to create their own teams. Players get together a team of 10 skaters (2 lines) and 1 goalie and enter the tournament as a team. Each team will have an opportunity to play a minimum of 4 games with lots of ice time for all of those players involved!

DATE: August 26-28, 2022

LOCATION: Charlottetown, PEI


U7 – 2015/2016

U9 Tier 1 – 2013/2014

U9 Tier 2 – 2013/2014

U11 Tier 1 – 2011/2012

U11 Tier 2 – 2011/2012

U13 Tier 1 – 2009/2010

U13 Tier 2 – 2009/2010


10 Players – 1 Goalie (Rosters can have a maximum of 11 Skaters and 2 Goalies)

4-6 Games for Each Team Jerseys will be supplied for all teams (10 player jerseys/1 goalie jersey per team).

Teams are responsible for coming up with their own names.


$1500.00 (taxes included) per team

**Please note that registration becomes Non-Refundable/Non-Transferrable after submission.  Individual credits with Andrews Hockey MAY NOT  be used/applied as partial payment for Team Registration. The Team Coach/Coordinator is responsible for collecting from their individual team members and submitting one payment of $1500. Credits/deductions will not be applied, no exceptions. 

Please contact us at josh@hockeygrowth.com, or at 1-877-936-6699 for more information!