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Programs Offered Include:


ASI Remote

The Remote Program is a 15-week online program designed to challenge students’ academically and in sport while remaining at home. Through 4 core modules, Remote ASI takes a holistic approach to develop students’ into confident leaders of strong character. All Students will be assigned an Andrews Hockey Certified feedback coach who they will be in contact with bi-weekly to discuss learnings and keep students accountable for their work. By aligning positive role models with ASI students we look forward to encouraging them to make strides toward their goals and dreams.


ASI After-School

Coming Soon!


Team Program

The ASI Team Package allows for coaches or managers of individual teams to sign up for the program at a group rate. Teams have the freedom to choose two, three or, all four core modules. This program works by having the team management facilitate the program. Management is given a weekly guide to follow and help their players complete the program’s entirety. Andrews senior staff members will submit videos explaining weekly learnings and check in every two weeks to guide coaches through the process. ASI Staff will be available to answer any questions that come up throughout the program.


The ASI Staff


Ben MacDonald

Director of Andrews Sport Institute

  • BSc, Kinesiology UPEI
  • BEd, UNB
  • 10 Year Andrews Hockey Instructor

Brad MacKenzie

Executive Director

  • Degree in Sports Management with Specialization in Hockey Coaching
  • Assistant Coach – Charlottetown Islanders (QMJHL)

Allan Andrews

Founder & President

  • BEd, UPEI
  • BPEd, UNB
  • Provincial Youth Coordinator – Department of Education
  • Order of Canada Recipient

Nancy Comeau

Academic Advisor

  • BEd, UPEI
  • MEd, University of Queensland Australia
  • MA, Dalhousie
  • PhD, Dalhousie

Parker Diamond

Feedback Coach

  • Graduate of UPEI BBA, Graduate of SMU MBA Program.

  • Multiple-time Atlantic and Provincial AAA hockey champion, Charlottetown Minor Hockey Player of the year.

Ava Boutilier

Feedback Coach

  • Hockey East All-Rookie Team, UNH Team MVP and Defensive player of the year.

  • Two-time Hockey Canada U-18 August Selection Camp Invitee, Highest all-time single-season saves leader at UNH.


Chris Owens

Feedback Coach

  • Graduate of Acadia University BBA, Fourth year of Professional Hockey Lausitzer Füches – DEL2

  • Athletic All- Canadian ‘11,’12,’13,  MHL Player of the Year.


Marilyn Fortin

Feedback Coach

  • Current student-athlete at Nipissing University, Two years Professional in Switzerland (SWHL)

  • Current Prospect with the Switzerland National Team.


Jake Flegel

Feedback Coach

  • NCAA Player, 4 Year Professional player SPHL and ECHL

  • Captain of the Knoxville Ice Bears, NCAA All-Academic Team, Diabetic Mentor and Keynote Speaker.

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Emma Martin

Feedback Coach

  • Graduate of UPEI BSc Kin Honours, CIS All-Canadian, AUS All-Star Team

  • Current player for Les Canadiennes de Montreal CWHL


Olivier Arseneau

Feedback Coach

  • Current student-athlete at UPEI, Assistant Captain of the Chilliwack Chiefs BCHL

  • Top Defenseman Chiefs 2017, Scholastic Player of the Year, OHA Graduate

The ASI Program



Leadership Development


The ASI leadership component provides students with opportunities to develop skills for managing experiences in healthy ways while maintaining a focus on positive goals. Through weekly themes, students will learn the qualities to be a good leader with strong character.

  • Topics Such As SMART Goal Setting, Attitude,
    Responsibility, & Discipline
  • Biweekly Check In From The Accountability Coach
  • Educational Videos/ Motivational Videos/ Hands-On Activities

Leadership Outcomes

  • Identify components of SMART goals, and apply these components to short-term goals for hockey and academics based on personal interests, aptitudes, and skills
  • Analyze how positive health habits can be supported by specific approaches to productivity and success; e.g., pre-game and/or game day routines
  • Develop strategies that promote wellness for self and others; e.g., adopt goals that reflect optimism about the future

Player Testimonial

“The leadership section of the ASI program was what I got the most out of. It has made me a better leader, teammate, classmate and better person in general. I enjoyed all the question that made me go deeper and think harder. It has made me a better writer and speaker and has expanded my vocabulary. It has taught me the importance of the little things and how they can make a difference.  Overall it has pushed me outside of my comfort zone and made me more confident.”

Reading Program


  • Over the course of 15 weeks, the ASI program will cover two books
  • Students will be assigned weekly readings and asked to answer insightful questions to dive deeper into the topics mentioned
  • This program will be accommodated for each student’s reading level

Reading Program Outcomes

  • Students apply strategies for being an “active reader” to manage ideas and information; e.g., highlight key details when they read, make notes to return to
  • Students will extend awareness of themes; e.g., athlete burnout, and discover the possibilities of being a proactive person
  • Students will follow a given plan of inquiry to form generalizations and conclusions about “things we do and do not control” about school and hockey

Player Testimonial
I enjoyed the reading program and wouldn’t change anything. My school teacher was so impressed with the level of reading I was doing as part of the course. My reading has improved because of the more challenging words I was reading, and I had to think about the content and message both books gave me.”


Passion Project
●Students will be given a step by step approach to creating a business or volunteer project in their community.

●Through this project, the students will be encouraged to help raise funds to support their tuition for ASI or better their community by giving their time.

●This project-based learning approach covers topics such as marketing, sales, financial management, perseverance and appreciation

Passion Project


  • Students will be given a step by step approach to creating a business or volunteer project in their community
  • Through this project, the students will be encouraged to help raise funds to support their tuition for ASI or better their community by giving their time
  • This project-based learning approach covers topics such as marketing, sales, financial management, perseverance and appreciation

Passion Project Outcomes

  • Students will use the community in a search for businesses you could potentially improve or opportunities for new businesses
  • Students will apply a business plan outline to develop strategies to execute your future business
  • Students will design a plan for generating demand for their product or service using marketing techniques, e.g. the rifle approach

Player Testimonial
“The passion project was, I think the most challenging aspect of the program for me because it involved talking to a lot of new people and getting outside of my comfort zone. It has made me more confident, and more aware of my community and the different things it is built upon.”


Hockey Skill Development


This module focuses on four key components. Students will be sent weekly videos with exercises, drills, and skills, as well as videos explaining why they are doing them.

Students will then send in their own videos and receive feedback from their accountability coach!

  • Skating and Speed
  • Hockey Sense
  • Puck Control
  • Smart Shooting

Hockey Skill Outcomes

  • Students will develop physical literacy movement through guided video to assist in the overall athletic development
  • Students will develop a variety of different shooting techniques through guided step by step videos. Shots include by are not limited to – wrist shot, sweep shot, snapshot, slap shot, backhand, toe drag shot…
  • Students will increase their spatial awareness with the puck in small spaces while keeping their head up.

Player Testimonials
“The Hockey Skill Development was a significant part of the program, although I wish I had spent more time on it. It has improved my skills. My stickhandling is much smoother and faster, and I am overall more comfortable with the puck. My shot is harder and more accurate than before. Also, I am now comfortable doing more than simply my wrist shot on the ice. My feet are faster, and that shows in my skating!”


Parent Testimonials 

“Just wanted to let you know that the program is having a real impact on my son. I walked into his room this morning and his bed was neatly made and pillows were placed carefully! He did this without being asked. Thank you, we are really happy with the program and our son likes his coach, Parker!! Parker is very encouraging, our son and looks forward to his feedback!”


“I can’t thank you enough for how wonderful this program has been for our son.  He started sixth grade in a new school this year and his anxiety went through the roof with all the changes. The program became a weekly reminder that he can get through it and become a stronger person because of it. It is so helpful to have that extra encouragement and support from the program and coaches.”


“My husband and I just wanted to say thank you so much for the incredible program you are offering to our son. He is truly enjoying every part of it! It has been very inspiring for him to watch the videos and read the stories each week and he loves seeing you each week with his hockey homework along with his great chats with his awesome buddy Coach Ava!”



“Hi Ben,

I wanted to say congratulations to you and your team on such a great program!

Our son started this program a little reluctantly but really enjoyed it towards the end.  He particularly enjoyed the leadership module, and I have seen many improvements in him since he started, especially in public speaking and confidence to lead a group.  He also enjoyed the hockey homework, and I have seen him use many of the techniques in his games. He enjoyed Covey’s book, and he still talks about being proactive and being win-win.  These skills are so important, and linking it to hockey really resonated with him.

From my perspective, what I enjoyed most as a parent was doing the readings with him.  I haven’t done any homework with him for years, but I promised I would read the books with him.  As a mom, you don’t get much time to spend with your child in grade 9, but this allowed me to spend a few hours a week with him having an adult conversation.  This is a huge benefit to your program that I did not anticipate.

I also work in education.  I am a physician and professor. I spend a lot of time on curriculum development and refinement.  I also wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your program from that perspective. Best of luck for next year.”


“We have always enjoyed our experiences at Andrews Hockey and have enjoyed the growth of our children from their participation in a variety of programs. However, Andrews Sports Institute has delivered beyond any other. As a result, we would highly recommend this program to any hockey family interested in taking their children’s game, student skills, and life skills to the next level. The improvement we have seen in our children on ice and off ice performance is astonishing!

Many heartfelt thanks to Andrews Hockey for making this program available to our children.”

Questions? Contact Ben@Hockeygrowth.com

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