ASI Team Program

The ASI Team Program is an extension of Andrews Hockey. This ASI program runs for 10 weeks and focuses on developing players into confident leaders on and off the ice! The main objective of the program is to provide players with a learning framework to identify their goals and follow their dreams. Through self-evaluation, team discussions, hockey skill development, and everyday life experiences players will develop an understanding of learning so that they will be in a position to participate productively and effectively in hockey and in their academics.

  • Leadership Development –The leadership component provides players with opportunities to develop skills for managing experiences in healthy ways while maintaining a focus on positive goals. Through weekly themes, students will learn the qualities to be a good leader with strong character.
  • Hockey Skill Development – This module focuses on four key components (see below). Players will have access to weekly videos with skills, exercises, and drills which include detailed explanations.
    • Skating and Speed
    • Hockey Sense
    • Puck Control
    • Smart Shooting

*Teams will also be set up with 15 skills practices from the ASI Program*

  • Community Impact Project– The team will be given a step by step approach to creating a volunteer project in their community. Through this project, the team will be encouraged to help better their community by identifying a cause that is meaningful to them and by giving their time to help the cause.


This is a great opportunity for you and your team to grow as hockey players on the ice and as individuals off the ice! For more information please contact 

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