2012 Novice Winter AAA Super Series


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  • : Forward Specific, Defense Specific, Goaltending, Skating, Puck Skills / Scoring, Battling
  • : Fall, Winter

Novice Winter AAA Super Series Overview
Our Novice Winter Super Series will include a series of 8 Full Ice Games for 2012 born players! Each birth year will participate in a 4 team league and will play again teams from all over PEI. This will allow Novice players to experience full ice Hockey!

In the Full Ice Games, they will learn different position-specific skills, strategies and systems that will give them an edge on their competition and a terrific supplement to their minor hockey development!

The scheduling of the games is designed to avoid conflicts with the players’ minor hockey schedules to ensure the players are getting the most ice possible throughout the winter. Games will take place between November 2019 and February 2020.  The final day will be the championship day!

The Program Registration will include:
– 8 Full Ice Games
– Team Jersey
– $219 + HST


November 11, December 31, February 17

Birth Years
November 11 to February 17
Male, Female

Player Type: Player, Goalie
Season: Fall, Winter
Focus: Forward Specific, Defense Specific, Skating, Puck Skills / Scoring, Battling, Goaltending