Andrews Hockey Virtual Skills Program (Fall 2020)


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  • : Skating, Puck Skills / Scoring
  • : Fall

The Andrews Hockey Virtual Skills Program is designed for players who are looking to separate themselves from the pack by augmenting their skating and puck skills at home in order to gain a competitive advantage over their peers!

The 2 live sessions will take place on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 6:30 AM – 7:15 AM via Google Meet. These sessions will be recorded for later viewing and/or repetition of workouts.

Equipment required:

  • Tablet/laptop/other screen for viewing sessions
  • 8′ x 8′ space for executing drills
  • Google account to access Google Meet
  • Sneakers and athletic clothing
  • 3 hockey sticks (2 to use as obstacles, 1 for practicing with)
  • Stickhandling ball/puck, golf ball, tennis ball
  • 10-20 regular pucks
  • Hockey net and obstacle to act as a goalie (be resourceful!)
  • Bluetooth speaker (nice to have for added effect)


Birth Years
October 6 to November 5
Male, Female
AAA/Elite, AA, A/Rec

Player Type: Player
Season: Fall
Focus: Skating, Puck Skills / Scoring