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  • : Skating, Puck Skills / Scoring
  • : Fall, Winter


Increase student-athletes academic performance by adding supplemental development and accountability

  • Weekly Presentations on leadership books and topics.

  • Andrews Leadership Development Curriculum is scientifically-based around the Finnish Educational Model, which is the top country in the world for education and overall student-athlete development.

Give the players a major individual skill boost to supplement their on-ice minor hockey development.

  • Individualized Skating Programs based around Stride Efficiency, Tactical Skating, Explosive Speed

  • Position Specific Scoring Program based around Smart Shooting and Shot Velocity Improvement

  • Puck Control Program focused on developing Practical Puck Control Patterns and Fakes as well as overall Confidence with the puck on the stick with head up.

The program will have an AT HOME Component to help players develop efficient working habits at home. This will force them to be more disciplined with their time in order to devote time to accomplish their goals.

Each Ice session will have 20 mins of our Modern Techniques of Skating Program. This program goes in-depth on the proper mechanics of stride length, frequency, edge control, glide turns, sharp turns, Mohawk turns, stops, and transitional skating. Along with the skating, 40 mins with feature individual drills, positional play and skill-based station drills from our Magic Hands, Smart Shooting and Mastermind Defense Programs.


– 1 Hour Ice Time (8 Hours Total)
– 1 Hour Leadership Development (8 Hours Total)
– 8 Week Program
– Booklet and Jersey Included



DATE(S): January 7 – February 25th, 2019

Mondays: 3:15 – 5:30 PM

LOCATION: Bell AliantCenter – MacLauchlan Arena

BIRTH YEAR(S): 2007-2012


COST: $319 + HST  **Payment is due in full upon registration. This program is Non-Refundable/ Non-Transferable. All registration sales/payments are final.



We chose to write about our involvement with the Andrews Institute for Future Leaders because of the immense on ice and off ice impact it has had on our children.

The program was designed to supplement hockey and academic development. We can say with confidence that the program delivered!

Our children have become more refined hockey players, more skilled students, and are now active participants in their learning and future.

The player-centred approach to development has allowed both our players to work on hockey-specific skills that they wouldn’t have had time to work on during minor hockey practices. For instance, our daughter worked on refining her backhand shot and puck possession skills around the net, while our son’s training focused on improving his ability to create space along the blue line and maximizing his stride in order to get the puck out of his zone. The children are pleased with their progress and many parents watching them during league games have mentioned noticing their improvement.

We have been really pleased with the positive impact the program and staff have had on our children student’s skills. Our children are much more efficient at managing their workload, time, and work. Unlike before, we never have to nag at them to get their homework out and to get their work done. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Moreover, our children have become efficient speakers from having to film videos and from having to present on a weekly basis to their instructors and fellow students. Our children are introverts and have never displayed much confidence in public speaking. We were completely shocked to find out that our son had volunteered to speak during the Remembrance Day assembly! We were even more amazed to see him perform so well! We were also very pleased and surprised to hear that our daughter had signed up with her school’s News Team and that she was going to be filming YouTube videos about her school!

Goal setting, destiny, initiative, passion, attitude, adversity, accountability, perseverance, open-mindedness, etc.… How often have you heard a 9 and an 11-year-old child discussing such topics? We were bewildered during a visit to a friend’s place to hear our daughter questioning him about the “blueprint of his life” and “paradigm shifts” that took place in his life! Perhaps, even more impressive was that during their conversation both our children shared with him how they were going to apply these concepts and take charge of their lives!

We have always enjoyed our experiences at Andrews Hockey and have enjoyed the growth of our children from their participation in a variety of programs. However, this program has delivered beyond any other program.

As a result, we would highly recommend this program to any hockey family interested in taking their children’s game, student skills, and life skills to the next level.

The improvement we have seen in our children on ice and off ice performance is astonishing!

Many heartfelt thanks to Andrews Hockey for making this program available to our children.

Sarah and Stephan Galaise

Hockey parents of 2 much-improved children.



Birth Years
January 7 to February 25
Male, Female
AAA/Elite, AA, A/Rec

Player Type: Player
Season: Fall, Winter
Focus: Skating, Puck Skills / Scoring