Andrews Sports Institute Remote Program – Second Period


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  • : Skating, Puck Skills / Scoring
  • : Fall, Winter

Program Highlights Include:

Birth years: 2011 – 2002

Dates: Start date TBD

Cost: $699 + HST

**Please note $100 (+ HST) is due upon registration submission**

**Students must complete ASI #1 prior to signing up**

**Program Capacity 50 Students**

Andrews Sports Institute Remote Program is a new program that is an extension of the Andrews world-renowned Personal Growth and Hockey Development programs. The Remote (ASI) started last year with a pilot group of 53 students. The pilot group saw tremendous development in their off ice hockey skills, public speaking, literature skills and developed entrepreneurial skills that will stick with them throughout their life.

The ASI  #2 Program is designed to challenge students to thrive in both athletics and academics through its continued focus on the 4 key modules – Hockey Skill Development, Reading, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership! This comprehensive development program allows for student-athletes to develop in their sport while learning the qualities to be a good leader with strong character.

Andrews Sports Institute Remote Program had participation from students all over the world in countries as far as Thailand, Saudi Arabia, England, the United States, and Canada, to name a few. Students who completed last years Remote ASI #1 are encouraged to sign up for ASI #2 which will feature all new themes, books, projects, and hockey skills.

All Areas of the Program will have a major AT HOME Component to them to help players develop efficient working habits.  This will force them to be more disciplined with their time in order to devote time to accomplish their goals.

Goals of the Program:

1. Increase student-athletes academic performance by adding supplemental
development and accountability.

  • Weekly videos and presentations on their leadership books

  • Community involvement project

  • School grades must be maintained or go up while in the program

  • Andrews leadership development curriculum is scientifically-based around the Finnish educational model, which is the top country in the world for education and overall student-athlete development

2. Give the players a major individual skill boost to supplement their on-ice minor hockey

  • Off ice skills based on stride efficiency, explosive speed, balance

  • Position specific scoring based around smart shooting and shot velocity improvement

  • Puck control program focused on developing practical puck control patterns and fakes as well as overall confidence with the puck on the stick with head up

3. Give Players a Solid Foundation of Athletic Movement that will translate directly into on-ice performance.

  • Off ice skating program – slide boards, knee bend, explosiveness, core, flexibility, strength, endurance, foot speed.



Program Staff:

  • ASI will be overseen by Andrews Sports Institute Program Director – Ben MacDonald – B.Ed & B.Sc.

  • ASI will be run by Andrews Hockey Growth Program Senior Staff members

Advisory Board:

  • Dr. Nancy Comeau  – Curriculum and program development, specifically in the areas of wellness, crime, alcohol & drug prevention and intervention

  • Dr. Roxanne Seaman – Long term athletic development

  • Bruce Beaton- Social scientist and former pro athlete

  • Dr. Barb Elliot – Educational Structure – Curriculum development specialist



Stats from ASI #1 Pilot

Confidence in Public Speaking

– 96.7% saw a little to a lot of improvement in their confidence level of public speaking because of ASI Program Involvement.

Difference in Grades

– 87.6% of students saw a little bit to a lot of improvement in their school grades because of ASI Program Involvement.

Reading Program

– On average students (66.7%) spent between 15 -59 minutes on their reading module per week.

Hockey Skills

– 46% of students spent on average 1-2 hours per week on their hockey skills development.

Passion Project

– 63.4% of students spent an average 30-60 minutes weekly on their passion project.

Leadership Development

– 80% of students spend an average of 1-2 hours weekly on their leadership development


– 83.3% would highly recommend the ASI Program to friends, family, classmates, and others