ASI Smart Snipers


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  • : Puck Skills / Scoring
  • : Fall, Winter

ASI Smart Snipers will be at 16 Week program using the synthetic ice at Andrews Hockey Office and the Andrews Sport Conditioning Gym. This program will run on Wednesdays, where players will receive 1 hour of stickhandling and shooting practice on the synthetic ice followed by 45 minutes of small group training upstairs with Andrews Sport Conditioning Staff Owen MacWilliams and Kieran MacGillivray.

The synthetic ice sessions will focus on stick handling agility techniques, fakes and dekes. Accompanying this will also be principles of scoring goals, shooting options, the angle of attack, changing angles and the position of the goalie.

The gym sessions will focus on a variety of strength, endurance, flexibility, and cardiovascular health (conditioning) through various modalities and games. Physical literacy movement preparation through warm-ups to assist in the overall athletic development. These sessions will ensure the activity is productive but also fun for each participant.

Students will also be sent home with weekly leadership homework to be submitted the following week.

Price – $480 + HST

Pay in full or pay $240 + HST by October 1st and $240 + HST by December 1st.

If interested in this program for your player, please contact
If interested in doing more gym sessions throughout the week, please email

Birth Years
October 23 to February 26
Male, Female
AAA/Elite, AA, A/Rec

Player Type: Player
Season: Fall, Winter
Focus: Puck Skills / Scoring

Non-Refundable after November 1st. For security purposes, we do not carry forward credit card information.**