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This just in!  Andrews Goaltending is now offering an exclusive Goalie Skating Program. Elite Edge Goaltending provides an opportunity for goalies to learn advanced edge work techniques high-level goaltenders are currently applying to their game to get an “edge” on the competition. Learn new concepts in goalie movements to become more efficient in the crease to improve positioning and make the game become easy. The Elite Edge Goaltending will offer near double the skating development offered in our other programs!
Goalies can expect 10 hours of skating development in one week! Goalies will spend 50% of this time focused on proper mechanics of on assorted movements, efficiency, and power while the other 50% will focus on advanced edge work including edge control, down stance skating, momentum changes, and tactical edge work movements.
Program Features:
  • Sunday Warm-up Skate & Orientation
  • 1 hour daily on-ice- Goalie Specific Skating
  • 1 hour daily on-ice- Intro to Advanced Skating
  • 1 hour daily Goalie Ice
  • 1 hour daily On-ice Controlled Game
  • Off-ice skills program with a focus on slide board work
  • Personal Growth Sessions on topics such as goal setting, coaching yourself, attitude, leadership
  • Team Building Sessions
  • Goalie Classroom Sessions
  • Pool
  • Saturday Skills Competition & Game


Who is this program for?

Any goalie looking to develop their skating in order to become the boss of their crease!


What if my child doesn’t meet the listed age criteria?

We understand that all children develop their skills differently! By default, our system will cancel your order and refund your payment unless this has received special approval by senior management. To ensure that there is no delay with your registration, we ask that you give our main office a call to discuss before proceeding with your order.


When will we know our official schedule?

Because there are many factors that cannot be determined until closer to the start date, we aim to have everyone’s schedule sent to them around 7 days prior to the first day of the program! Your start time will vary based on many factors. We give the youngest groups attending during the week the earlier start times, and they continue to stagger throughout the day based on age. **Start times are anywhere between 7:00 AM and 1:00 PM.**


What can we expect on Sunday when we arrive?

Your first day of the program will consist of:

  • Check-In: You will be greeted by our staff and receive your child’s dressing room assignment for the week! You will head there and meet their instructor and receive an Andrews Hockey jersey!
  • Orientation: Sunday’s orientation is an opportunity for us to share our Program Philosophy and get the kids excited for the week.  During this session, we will go through logistical information regarding the week such as Pool days, Wednesday Extravaganza, Youth Development Seminar, Friday Panels, etc.
  • Warm Up Skate: The warm-up skate session is typically 40-50 minutes!

You will receive your detailed schedule around 7 days prior to the start date! 




  • July 7 – 13, 2019

BIRTH YEAR(S):  2010-2009


COST: $649 + HST

PROCESSING TIME: Your order may stay in ‘Pending’ status for 2-3 business days. Once our administration team processes this you will see the status update and will receive your official paid receipt shortly thereafter. 


** Deposit portion of camp(s) is Non-Refundable after April 1st, 2019.  Camp(s) must be paid in full by June 1st, 2019.  After June 1st, 2019 camps are Non-Refundable/Non-Transferable. For security purposes, we do not carry forward credit card information.**


Birth Years
July 7 to July 13
Male, Female
AAA/Elite, AA

Player Type: Goalie
Season: Summer
Focus: Goaltending