Sniper of the Week!

Sniper of the Week!


This guy can do it all! From sniping cheese, to wheeling around the D, you will never see this player on the ice without a smile on his face. Campbell Dunne is this weeks Sniper of the week. Campbell excelled during the 6 weeks of the Sniper Club and is scheduled to make a return when Sniper Club 2.0 starts up next week!

Player Profile

Name: Campbell Dunne
Hometown: Stratford, PEI
Team: Pownal Novice Ice Dragons
Favourite Team: Toronto Maple Leafs
Favourite Players: Mitch Marner & Auston Matthews
Favourite Deke: Gretzky fake
Favourite Hockey Book: Hockey Luck
Favourite Celly: NHL 94 retro celly


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