ASI Hockey Program


 ASI First Period

ASI #1 Program is an extension of Andrews Hockey Growth Programs Personal Growth Sessions. The ASI program focuses on a holistic approach to develop students into confident leaders! The main objective of the program is to provide students with a learning roadmap to identify their goals and follow their dreams. Through self-evaluation, video discussions, hockey skill development, everyday life experiences, and traditional reading exercises, you will develop an understanding of learning, so that you will be in a position to participate productively and effectively in hockey and your academic work. 


  • Leadership Development –The leadership component provides students with opportunities to develop skills for managing experiences in healthy ways while maintaining a focus on positive goals. Through weekly themes, students will learn the qualities to be a good leader with strong character.


  • Reading Program –  Over the course of 15 weeks, the ASI program will cover two books. Students will be assigned weekly readings and asked to answer insightful questions to dive deeper into the topics mentioned. This program will be accommodated for each student’s reading level.


  • Hockey Skill Development – This module focuses on four key components (seen below). Students will be sent weekly videos with exercises, drills, and skills, and instructional videos explaining the reason for doing them. Students will then send in their own videos and receive feedback from their accountability coach!
    • Skating and Speed
    • Hockey Sense
    • Puck Control
    • Smart Shooting


  • Passion Project –  Students will be given a step by step approach to creating a business or volunteer project in their community. Through this project, the students will be encouraged to help raise funds to support their tuition for ASI or better their community by giving their time. This project-based learning approach covers topics such as marketing, sales, financial management, perseverance, and appreciation.

 ASI Second Period

ASI #2 is an extension of the ASI #1 program that includes exciting new lesson topics in the Leadership Development and Reading Program as well as a refined Passion Project template and new Hockey Development Skills.


  • Leadership Development – Weekly themes in this module draw from the 5 dimensions of health: physical, mental, emotional, environmental and spiritual. High-frequency themes, 1 per week, are connected to these health dimensions.


  • Reading Program –  The Reading Program includes an innovative and consistent new template with engaging word-solving and comprehension strategies. In addition to word -solving and comprehension strategies, the ASI #2 Reading Program includes a revised focus on written expression throughout each lesson. The original goal has been augmented to strive to help students become proficient and enthusiastic readers and writers.


  • Hockey Skill Development –  This module will continue to provide students with off ice exercises that focus on stride length, stickhandling, shooting and strength based exercises that can easily be done at home with little to no equipment. Each week students will be given new skill videos to which they will direct their focus for the week.


  • Passion Project –  The Passion Project has been modified to offer more guidance for students through instructional video. Each section now has an introduction video that will explain topics such as business planning, marketing, brainstorming, and product/service development.

Program Highlights:

ASI #1

ASI #2


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