I went to the Hockey School since I was 5 years old and learned skills and technique on the ice and important qualities and values off of it. The staff took pride in being good role models. It was such a great opportunity to learn important qualities, not just hockey related, but things that are important in life in general.

Sidney Crosby, Pittsburg Penguins, NHL

The Future Pros program, with its emphasis on deliberate practice and classroom leadership training, has easily been the two most productive hours of the week for our 9 and 10 year old boys this winter. We’ve seen great improvements in their hockey specific skills including shot strength and accuracy alongside positive effects on their attitudes as they can better appreciate the need for hard work and daily practice. An improvement in confidence while speaking and participating in front of a group has recently been noted by each of their elementary school teachers. This stuff works! It is unfortunate that the “dream big” goal setting and success oriented skills that are being taught here can’t be part of the regular education of all young children. I would highly recommend this program to anyone with hockey playing children who have an interest in taking their life and hockey skills to the next level. Many thanks to Andrews Hockey for making this program available to the boys – I only wish I had been given the opportunity to attend such a program when I was their age.

Mark, Minor Hockey Coach and Hockey Parent

I’ve attended Andrews Hockey School since I was 6 years old. They provide the highest quality of training and continue to work with me on my technique. The Atlantic Hockey Showcase is a great opportunity to be seen by prep schools, colleges, and major junior scouts. Thanks Allan for helping me with the decision to attend the Athol Murray College of Notre Dame.

Brandon Gormley, Colorado Avalanche, NHL

The Future Pros program offered by Andrews Hockey has not only helped improve Nick’s game; it has helped build work ethic, character, confidence,and reaffirmed the belief that dreaming BIG is a must! Nick has at least doubled the strength and power of his slap shot! His on-ice presence and confidence has skyrocketed! The leadership portion is fantastic! Because of it, he is now convinced that hard work is the key to success! Nick is even working harder at his studies since he has been part of Future Pros. He told me that it’s the little things he does every day that will make him a winner in the long run! Thank you for everything! We’ll be back for more.

Kay, Hockey Mom

I attended this program for 11 years. There is no other school that I have seen that spends the time, effort and research to continually improve every year and stay ahead in hockey development.

Brad Richards, Detroit Red Wings, NHL

I wanted to send a short note confirming our attendance at your Platinum Camp in August for our 3rd consecutive year and tell you how much we have enjoyed coming to PEI.  From a hockey perspective, the Platinum camp offers everything we are looking for.  All fundamentals of the game are addressed.  Your power skating curriculum and attention to the details of skating fundamentals is top notch.  The on ice position specific training has also made a big difference in our son’s game and situational awareness.  This is both due to the coaching and also opportunity to play with a group of highly skilled players.  Our son loves the off ice time as well, especially the time spent working on his shot.  During the course of the week, it seems like he takes 1,000 shots.  A daily highlight is certainly the full ice game at the end of the day.  While competitive, the coaches assure that everyone comes off the ice with a smile.  And through individual recognition all the boys seem to leave with an enhanced confidence they can take with them.  From a family perspective, we also love coming to PEI.  The local families are so friendly and welcoming and our son has made so many great friends.  Hockey at PEI is what the game should be, FUN!  This is really the secret sauce of Andrews.  Right from the start, Josh’s focus with the campers at orientation on sportsmanship, character, effort and being thankful sets the right tone for a terrific week in the locker room and on the ice.  Whenever my son’s hockey career is over, it’s these life lessons that I want him to have learned from playing this amazing sport.  Thank you for everything and we look forward to seeing you in August!

Steven, Hockey Dad

Andrews Hockey has been an amazing experience for my son and our family. The leadership component of this program has taught him so many life lessons for on and off the ice. He now has a clear picture in his mind where he wants to go and the positive steps and attitude he needs to get there. After 3 weeks I noticed a huge improvement in his confidence on and off the ice as well as a new focus towards surrounding himself with positive things. The books they read are so helpful for their development and teaches them how to find ways to reach their goals. Here is a quote from his homework;”One of the many things in this chapter that I will take and use in my life is growth isn’t automatic, you have to work to accomplish things, not just hope it will happen.

Amy, Hockey Mom

The Andrews Hockey Growth Programs offer young people the opportunity to experience hockey development in a non-threatening environment. They are able through solid programs and positive role modeling to create an environment where kids are able not only to improve their hockey skill, they are also encouraged to set goals and work towards achieving them.

Mike Kelly, Assistant Coach, Florida Panthers, NHL

Over the years of watching our son play hockey, we have been so pleased with his skill development; his skating is exceptionally strong and we attribute that to Andrews Hockey school which he has been attending for the past 5 years or so. We are very strong “unofficial ambassadors” for Andrews Hockey School and continue to recommend you in the hockey communities where our son is playing.

Hockey Parent

The Summer Conditioning Program at Andrews is one that I would recommend to anyone. It is a great feeling as an athlete to know that your program, your facilities and trainer’s expertise are second to none.

Drew MacIntyre, Charlotte Checkers, AHL

My son was 4 years old when he spent his first week at Andrews hockey.  When we came home he was more than eager to learn to read.  I can’t say enough good things about Andrews hockey and all they do.

Alan, Hockey Dad, Lower Sackville NS