What The ASI Skills Vault is a video subscription platform allowing players to perform skills seen from their computers, phone or tablets.

Who This platform is for players who are looking to fine-tune their game. Videos progress through each section on a tiered system (1,2,3 – 1 being beginner, 2 being intermediate, 3 being advanced). In the videos, ASI Director Ben MacDonald is a primary figure, but there are also other Andrews senior staff members who make an appearance to help teach different skills such as – strength & mobility, puck control, scoring.

Where – The Skills Vault allows flexibility for players to perform their skills on ice or at home. There will be a mixture of both but primarily at-home exercises to start.

When – At the player’s convenience!  The great thing about having the subscription is that you can do the skills when it is convenient for you. Whether that is early in the morning before school or in the evening after your homework is complete the Skills Vault is always open for development!

Why – To give players a resource for deliberate practice in areas such as  – strength & mobility, puck control, scoring.