2024 Female Platinum Camp


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  • Female Only
  • : Forward Specific, Defense Specific, Skating, Puck Skills / Scoring
  • : Summer

July 8-12 ***Forward Positions SOLD OUT***Waitlist Request Form Link

Request invitation: https://forms.gle/kQ9nGQyYpCohuLja9


Elevate your hockey game to the highest level with the Female Platinum Camp – an elite and exclusive program tailored for dedicated female players who are determined to excel in the sport. Led by top-tier coaches, the Platinum Camp is a transformative experience designed for those who strive for excellence on and off the ice. Our comprehensive curriculum encompasses advanced skating techniques, precision puck handling, tactical mastery, and mental conditioning to give participants a competitive edge. With a focus on individualized development in a small group setting, this program will help in reaching your fullest potential as a hockey player.


  • 1 hour – Skating Session (on-ice)
    • Modern Techniques of Hockey Skating blended with our new Tactical Skating Program
  • 1 hour – Puck Skills Session (on-ice)
    • Unique blend of position-specific skills from our Mastermind Defense, Elite Magic Hands, & Art of Scoring Goals Programs
  • 1 hour – Controlled Game (on-ice)
  • 1 hour – Strength & Speed Workout in our Andrews Hockey Training Centre
  • 1 hour – Personal Growth Session
    • Goal setting & action planning
    • Lifestyle choices & choosing the right friends
    • Attitude, adversity & appreciation
    • Leadership development
    • Public speaking
    • Coaching yourself 101
  • 1 hour – Hockey Tactics Classroom Session
    • Full video analysis and Game Sense Session based on Controlled Game
  • 1 hour – Team Building/Lunch
  • 24 Skaters Per Group
    • 16 forwards, 8 defense
  • By Invitation Only (Elite Level Group)

Schedules are released 10 days prior to your program start date.  These will be sent to the email you have provided with your registration. Please note your child could have a start time between 7 AM & 1 PM.  We try our very best to start the younger age groups earlier in the day.

** $200 deposit portion of camp(s) is Non-Refundable after January 1st, 2024.  Camp(s) must be paid in full by May 1st, 2024.  After May 1st, 2024 camps are Non-Refundable/Non-Transferable. For security purposes, we do not carry forward credit card information.**

In consideration of the participant and his/her parent/guardian being permitted to register the participant to participate in Andrews Hockey Growth Programs (AHGP), I, parent/guardian, hereby release and discharge AHGP from any and all claims, demands, actions, and causes of action for which I may have for any damages, loss, or injury suffered by my child or incurred by me and resulting directly or indirectly from the participation of such child in such program. I hereby undertake to indemnify AHGP and its agents, servants, and employees and hold them harmless in respect of any claims, demands, actions, and proceedings which may be brought by or on behalf of my said child against AHGP arising out of his/her participation in the aforesaid program and in respect of any damages, loss, or injury incurred by them during or as a result of such participation including all costs and expenses incurred in defending any and all claims, demands, actions, and proceedings.
By registering and participating in any program administered by AHGP year-round, I hereby agree to and acknowledge this release of liability agreement.


Birth Years
July 8 to July 12 ***Forward Positions SOLD OUT***Waitlist Request Form Link
July 22 to July 26

Player Type: Player
Season: Summer
Focus: Forward Specific, Defense Specific, Skating, Puck Skills / Scoring, Female Only